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  1. Gigiux

    JavaScript How to launch functions from JS setInterval?

    Hello, I am trying to understand the use of the function setInterval by drawing a Pacman that opens and closes its mouth. I understand that I can launch only one function from setInterval, and this function has to be a wrapper that launches other functions. I set a wrapper drawPac that launches...
  2. T

    JavaScript How to make CSS animation show on page for a set time on page reload

    so I have a js loading animation with a progress bar that I want to show on page load. I put this under the JS section because I assume js is needed for this to work. If the page loads quicker than the 1s animation, then I want it to hide everything else and play the animation, then show content...
  3. S

    Web animations | A few questions?

    Hi, I need help for a project, where states are to be mapped graphically, see the picture in the attachment. It is about the fact that when states and variables in javascript change, this should be displayed graphically. Until now I have done it so that there is a picture for all possible...
  4. F

    JavaScript Why is my gltf-animations not playing? (Javascript & Three.js)

    //gltf-object const loader = new GLTFLoader(); loader.load('stegosaurs_SStenops.glb', (gltf) => { gltf.scene.position.set(0, 40, 130); gltf.scene.visible = true; scene.add(gltf.scene); // Animation; let mixer = new AnimationMixer(gltf.scene); mixer = new...
  5. A

    Python Animated heatmap with Seaborn and matplotlib

    Hello everyone ! I’m trying to animate a heatmap for data visualization. (Just to clarify, I am a beginner in coding) The heatmap is generated from a matrix where cells situated at the center of the map take a +1 value at each iteration. I don’t use numpy for the matrix but comprehension...
  6. SpongeBOB

    CSS Zoom/expand an outline on hover.

    Hi, I found a neat effect on this page https://theonestopradio.com/country/country-list when you hover one of the flex box item a outline expand outside ! I've look the code and I tried few thing but I can't manage to have something similar.. any ideas ? Thanks
  7. SpongeBOB

    CSS Play two CSS animation at the same time , should be possible...

    Hi, I have set two CSS animation with @keyframes. When I launch them individualy it's work. but when I try togethere only one is running... any ideas ? @keyframes fieldsetLoginAnim { 0% {transform: scale(0,0);} 25% {transform: scale(1.2,1.2);} 50% {transform: scale(0.8,0.8);} 75%...
  8. SpongeBOB

    Answered Animate background-color to x transparent with Variable

    Hi everyone, I have an HTML element (fieldset) that I would look to animate the background-color transparency, from solid to 0.75 of transparency If there will be a way just to change the alpha channel that would be great.. but here what I've done so far. The background color of this fieldset...
  9. Johna

    CSS Is it Possible to Pause a CSS Animation at a Specific Key Frame?

    Is it possible to pause a CSS animation at a specific key frame? I have this HTML: <div id="sliderMain"> <div id="sliderLL" class="st2"></div> <div id="sliderL" class="st1"></div> <a href="#" style="cursor: default;"><div id="sliderM" class="st0"></div></a> <div id="sliderR"...
  10. M1710

    HTML & CSS Rollercoaster animation

    Hi, At the moment I'm working on a project where I want to animate a rollercoaster. I've added the image that I'm working with. I want to animate an attraction ride up and down on the light grey line (front line). I've tried many things but I can't seem to come up with a solution. Anyone here...
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