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  1. D

    PHP Simple powerful PHP library for data sanitization

    Hello, I've created a highly efficient and robust PHP library designed specifically for data sanitization. It combines simplicity with remarkable power, ensuring swift processing. This library empowers you to effortlessly sanitize diverse data types, eliminating the need for extensive manual...
  2. proompter

    Getting started w/ Python FastAPI Tutorial

    Hey guys, I've just created a new channel where I'm going to cover Full Stack related topics extensively, including Python. Content isn't being monitized at the time of posting this so this is 100% free, hopefully you will learn a thing or two :) If you can like, comment, share and subscribe I'd...
  3. dorianu

    Need advice with getting a paid product from an api

    I'm working on a wordpress site that has a bunch of forms. I need to send the submitted form data to an api, in return I get a product. The products are charged by credits that I have on a account. Before I request the product from the api, I have to charge the user. The checkout page is done on...
  4. M

    Looking for a Senior full stack eng. for our new API product (backend language of your choice)

    Hello! We are getting together for a new project, to build a 2-way API connectivity tool for programmers experimenting with new forms of e-commerce, and merchants operating across a range of e-commerce platforms. We would be grateful for any programming language tips. It would be cool for our...
  5. odnil

    Node.JS How can I restructure my loop to paginate faster right now it takes too long?

    This takes ages to retrieve data. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Per_page limit is 100 & I needed the function to be able to find results for any date range using pagination. So I added a do while loop and this is what I ended up with: async function foo(repoOwner, repository...
  6. APIs for Beginners - How to use an API (Full Course / Tutorial)

    APIs for Beginners - How to use an API (Full Course / Tutorial)

    What is an API? Learn all about APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in this full tutorial for beginners. You will learn what APIs do, why APIs exist, a...
  7. N

    Searching for an Adaptive Learning API

    Hey you guys, I'm looking into creating a personalized LMS (learning management system) using adaptive learning or AI. This would be for a school project, (educational purposes only and totally commercial-free). I know that some others have already implemented systems out there and want to know...
  8. josanjo

    HTML & CSS API for crypto wallet adress, with no verification?

    I have this p2p exchange script: https://codecanyon.net/item/localcoins-ultimate-peer-to-peer-crypto-exchange-platform/34781557# A guy told me that when he bought it himself a few weeks ago, he had to set up API for wallet adress, and he had to verifiy with ID and selfie to get API/KEY from...
  9. Richard_Alexander

    JavaScript Are there any existing APIs for implementing Chat in an iOS Apps

    I want a API which should add into existing mobile apps, I was looking for b2b apps so I need following features to be in it, chat and video? Suggest any chat API
  10. CarlEOgden

    PHP Microsoft Graph API - any experience? Specifically Calendar Create/Update/Delete events

    Hi If you've used and can help, I'd really appreciate it. Part of my code creates an appointment in our diary system, I've now implemented Microsoft login (using the Graph API) so I have a token. I can create an event (appointment) BUT the location doesn't show it as a true location even...
  11. CarlEOgden

    PHP Incorporating Docusign into Laravel/VueJS website

    Hi Thanks for any help/advise given in advance. I will try to explain my environment so you have an idea of how to recommend or help my situation. Our website is used by estate agents, we now want to integrate Docusign so that agents can sign up to Docusign and send their customers contracts...
  12. U

    Python Is i possible for iter_lines to show all lines?

    This is only giving me one line back, I want all lines back. Is there a way to have iter_lines show all lines? Thanks. #import modules import requests import json import re #retrieve lichess games for a specific user def get_lichess_games(username): api_session = requests.Session()...
  13. Malcolm

    A brief simple introduction to API's

    API Introduction Hello coders! I wanted to share a brief introduction to API(s)! I recently helped with a thread that was asking a bit about API(s). Funny enough I heard about API(s) before but never actually knew what it meant. That is until now. So what’s an API? An API is an abbreviation...
  14. Ghost

    PHP Phone Validation / Look Up

    I created a small class/script that handles validating phone numbers through an API. It's quite simple to use & it just outputs some data. It is not 100% accurate because sometimes it will get the carrier or location wrong, but it can definitely figure out if a phone number is in the correct...
  15. TableFlipGod

    Rejected Codeforum Api

    Hey, I would like to request an api for use of codeforum. This would be extremely helpful especially when users want to make a bot or something to watch threads and note if there are new ones out. Thanks, Table the discord bot coder!
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