1. grepawk

    Please can u explain me this function

    please can someone explain what this function does? and is it possible to code it more efficiently? I don't understand especially if What I can see: it is loading only numbers from a text file and those numbers are being stored to a pointer on the array void...
  2. grepawk

    problem loading numbers into array

    Hello i am trying to make code which will request user for his phone number (on one line), that number will be stored in array number, everything works ok till i dont type less then 10 numbers and press enter, cycle is waiting for next number/s on new line but i want program to give message...
  3. cno

    JavaScript Sales Data in an Array - Javascript

    I need some help please, I have a sales data for a couple of years and i want to retrieve the below information using Javascript: -The total number of months included in the dataset. - The net total amount of Profit/Losses over the entire period. - The average of the changes in Profit/Losses...
  4. Fast

    C Rand in C

    Hi, i'm a newbie and my teacher gave me an exercis with strings and arrays where i had to lowercase, uppercase ecc a string. Now i'm stuck with my code where i have to replace a random letter of the string with a random letter without using any library that simplify the problem. That's the code...
  5. D

    Java How do I solve this Java riddle?

    I have the following riddle: How do I solve this in Java, using while loops? I had an idea on how to do it with for-loops, but it doesn't work using for-loops So far, all I have is the following, which seems to be going through all possible combinations, but is incredibly slow, so I suspect...
  6. A

    JavaScript TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'num')

    Hi, I have been receiving this error when trying to run this code. I can't get my head around it at all so any help would be appreciated.
  7. T

    PHP I need a PHP loop to enter a single text field's data and save the result from a web page.

    Hi, Quite new at php and it's usefulness. Needs: 0. i have an array of a BUNCH of zip codes that need to lookup their congressman; 1. go to this URL:; 2. loops through the array and puts a zipcode into the field called "zip"; and then 3. presses...
  8. M

    JavaScript Array format unable to asses each item

    I have an ajax request returning an array. The array is ok to console log out as a hole but when i try to asses one part of the array I get a undefined function function reqIng() { for (i = 0; i <= ing_len - 1; i++) { $.when(ajaxCall2(ing_name[i])).done(function...
  9. aparupsen05

    Largest and smallest word.

    Write a C program to print Largest and Smallest Word from a given sentence. If there are two or more words of same length, then the first one is considered. A single letter in the sentence is also consider as a word.
  10. G

    Java Why does my code return zeros when calculating average values?

    import java.util.*; // Scanner, Locale class TempTest { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("TEMPERATURES\n"); Scanner in = new Scanner(; in.useLocale(Locale.US); System.out.print("how many weeks: "); int...
  11. G

    Java How to get the weekly sum value from user input in java?

    import java.util.*; // Scanner, Locale class TempTest { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("TEMPERATURES\n"); Scanner in = new Scanner(; in.useLocale(Locale.US); System.out.print("hoe many weeks: "); int amountWeeks = in.nextInt(); System.out.print("how many...
  12. P

    Python What is the Python Implementation for This?

    I have a Windows text file with the following info inside it: 25 05 38 26 53 04 07 45 50 33 19 34 55 25 21 30 09 39 26 11 30 12 13 41 32 23 44 11 50 39 45 30 07 44 55 54 21 10 35 46 48 27 52 41 05 53 11 50 40 38 17 43 10 54 45 27 29 12 39 31 24 42 38 02 18 09 13 43 28 06 53 30 45 47 29 30 53 13...
  13. Ghost

    Python Super Quick Python Arrays & Loops Examples

    Hey all, I am sitting in my car waiting for my girlfriend to be done with work... sharing a car this morning ! So I decided to write up some basic Python loops. Our first array just holds some users and our simple for loop prints out a sentence saying each user is cool. users =...
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