1. A

    HTML & CSS Can anyone help with this last bit?

    can anyone please help with this last bit, ive only got basic knowledge. i've just thrown this together with generic images and stuff, just to get it working first. Can alter it later but right now. I need help with changing the background image when its toggled to night theme. This is what is...
  2. J

    HTML & CSS CSS bg-image wont work

    My css code on visual studio to use a background image from the file file://C:\Users\jjwil\OneDrive\Desktop\OceanClientWebsite\hypixle.jpg (hypixle.jpg is a picture) won't work as when i do CNTRL+Rclick to open it in visual studio it pops up with a message saying unable to...
  3. TheFrieber

    CSS CSS/HTML Video is TopMost

    Help, im trying to find an fix but in google there is nothing: I wanted to do a Video as Background, but it keeps getting over the button,label. I wanna that its behind the button label as background how to do? My HTML Code: <video autoplay muted loop id="Vid"> <source src="my link i dont...
  4. purelocal

    CSS Using multiple background images in CSS with responsive media queries

    Hey people , My site has 1 100% cover background per page - in CSS - to display different sizes by screen size the following can be used : @media screen and (min-width:460px) { background image with ~460px size @media screen and (min-width:1280px) { background image with ~1280px size ...etc...
  5. zerojjc

    JavaScript Change background image of play/pause button with jquery

    I used the Jfiddle below to setup a button that would play/pause a background video. However, I need to swap the background image so that when its playing a "pause image" is there, when paused a "play image" is there. $('.video').parent().click(function...
  6. scully_a

    HTML & CSS Background image map with clickable areas to bring up popup

    Hello, I am trying to make an image map with multiple clickable areas that will bring up pop ups. The problem that I have is that the image also needs to move with cursor in a set frame. To achieve this function I set the image as a background image in the css. I do not know if there is anyway...