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  1. MrAdventure

    JavaScript Objective - Automate File Save as MHTML single web page for every Webpage load/fresh

    Hi All, I have a finance web site that has a lot of data, that I would like to automate the save as MHTML each time any of the finance pages are loaded or refreshed. I can manually right click on the web page, save as single web page MHT and get the result I need. So I thought I might be able...

    Extension support on all websites

    I'm making a extension right now that will pause every video playing on tab focus. But I'm struggling with the permissions object in the manifest.json. I tried everything to make the extension work on every page on the internet: "<all_urls>" and "http:///" and "https:///" and "tabs" Why does...
  3. A

    Save password in chrome

    Dear All, I am working in a MNC and my chrome is protected by the company's. Recently, they have restricted to save the login credential in the chrome, due the same I have to write 40-50 password in difference government portal. The company also do not allow to use any external chrome...
  4. rukuto

    JavaScript How to make a chrome extension to add a break tag after every para tag in a webpage?

    I am not familiar with Javascript, HTML or CSS enough to be able to code a chrome extension. May I know how to go about it or if anyone can make one for me? Thank you. I will only be using it for personal use for reading novels online.
  5. J

    JavaScript problem with special characters

    Hello all, I am trying to make a Chrome extension for a collectible card game that is going to need to involve getting the inner text of all divs with the class "team__monster__level". All of them have have a star special character followed by a number as their inner text. I need the number...
  6. BubbleMan

    JavaScript Making A Chrome Extension, unsure how to store multiple items in

    I am makinng a note-taking chrome extension but the code only remembers the last note that was added to it, not all of the notes. Code Below: index.js: key = "note"[key], function(result) { let elem = document.createElement('label') let space =...
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