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click events

  1. J

    JavaScript Uncaught ReferenceError: displayText is not defined at HTMLAreaElement.<anonymous>

    Here's an error that has been plaguing me every time I try to add a function from within an onclick. It happens for seemingly no reason. Here is the code: export class Clickables { constructor(game) { this.game = game; this.doOnce = false; this.textDisplaying =...
  2. K

    JavaScript Trying to do a click once another one has finished

    I am trying to open another modal once the first one is closed Hoiw do I do that in Javascript or Jquery please? document.getElementById('card__btn-close<% Response.Write(i) %>').click(); is closing the first one ok but I don't want this document.getElementById('Free').click()...
  3. G

    JavaScript Problem running JavaScript code on Apple devices

    The goal is to execute a function when a button with the class .more is clicked. However, after modifying the code to troubleshoot the issue, none of the event handlers are working on Apple. The following code runs without any problems on Android (Chrome & Firefox) and on Windows (Chrome & Edge)...
  4. dimer16

    JavaScript Make Delete and Edit Buttons Work

    Please help me to finish my To Do App: Add click event on button “Remove” - So that by click on button "REMOVE" created item would be removed from localstorage as well. Add click event on button “Edit” - So that created item could be edited in localstorage as well. Thank you a lot for your time...
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