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  1. G

    JavaScript Problem running JavaScript code on Apple devices

    The goal is to execute a function when a button with the class .more is clicked. However, after modifying the code to troubleshoot the issue, none of the event handlers are working on Apple. The following code runs without any problems on Android (Chrome & Firefox) and on Windows (Chrome & Edge)...
  2. Outl1er

    JavaScript Can't get mousePressed to work the way I want, p5js

    Trying to make buttons that when I click them they change the colors, but at current the buttons activate when I hover over them and clicking does nothing. https://editor.p5js.org/rwarner/sketches/3CAVfPgzL
  3. C

    JavaScript Click Button

    Hi, I have this code: which makes me have a button (Click Me) where every time I click it, the number changes upwards (from 1 to 99). Whenever it reaches 99, another button appears (Reset Me) that makes the count start again. - This makes it necessary to have two buttons. What I would like...
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