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  1. Dan001

    JavaScript Need your help 🤗 : How do I remove hand (pointer) cursor

    hello Is it possible to remove the hand cursor that appears when hovering over a link? 😊 Below my CSS et JS code and in attachment a image. I do not know where to change the code 🤗 I'm not at all an expert in coding. "cursor:none;" doesn't work thank you for your help 😊 <script> function...
  2. scully_a

    HTML & CSS Background image map with clickable areas to bring up popup

    Hello, I am trying to make an image map with multiple clickable areas that will bring up pop ups. The problem that I have is that the image also needs to move with cursor in a set frame. To achieve this function I set the image as a background image in the css. I do not know if there is anyway...
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