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  1. JosiahMaybe

    PHP How to encrypt AND decrypt passwords?

    Okay so I use openssl_encrypt and openssl_decrypt but that just sounds like it depends on SSL certificates and since they only last a year, how am I supposed to encrypt and decrypt passwords? I know password_hash won't work because I need to get origin again. Also, unsure what happens if I use...
  2. C

    JavaScript How to alternate values from two variables?

    var 1 = 12345 var 2 = 67890 wanted output: 1627384950
  3. C

    JavaScript Decrypt the rail fence cipher for beginners

    Here's the code for the encryption. First every second letter is set and then every other letter(input: abcdefgh; output: acegdfh). I can't figure out the decryption. I figured, seperating the encrypted text in two and alternately taking a letter from each would work. Any ideas for the code...
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