1. yumedoll

    Answered Div gets pushed downwards even without top margin

    Can someone help me with this? I'm making changes to my personal site and I added these "sidebars" to it. Everything looked fine until I added my links into the left sidebar div, and it just got pushed downwards like this: Here's the code in question (With the container in case you can find an...
  2. Y

    HTML & CSS Empty div has width and height in % but does not appear

    Hi All, I have just bumped into this case while i am doing a freecodecamp challenge. In the freecodecamp editor the div showed per given % but when i tried to do the same in VSC i did not get the same result, so i created a little example. Could you please tell me how it works as it works with...
  3. LenniCodes

    HTML & CSS Auto position div under another

    Hi! Ive got a problem... i have got two divs.. i want the second div to go under the first when the page becomes smaller. So they wont overlap... Anyone any ideas how to place a div automaticly under the other one?
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