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  1. M

    Understanding how keystores or secrets manager work for software running on linux

    Many software platforms on Linux have a "Secrets" manager, like Ansible Vault, Hashicorp Vault Provider, Elasticsearch keystore etc... I'm trying to better understand if they offer the security I think it offers. Here's what I'm trying to understand: Many softwares will let you create a .env...
  2. kin

    Python can’t encrypt a server disk with fernet PYTHON3

    key = Fernet.generate_key() with open('thekey.key','wb') as thekey: thekey.write(key) for root, dirs, files in os.walk("c:/sqlserver/database/clients/"): for file in files: if file == 'driverget.py' or 'thekey.key': continue print(os.path.join(root, file))...
  3. Mtrevor

    C# Encrypting data from mvc web application and decrypting in from SQL Server using custom defined key.

    Hi guys, is there a way that I could encrypt column data in my MVC web app before I insert it into the database and query it afterwards in SQL server using the same key I used to encrypt data in my web application ?
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