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  1. H

    would Firebase be good for making a forum/chatroom?

    i struggle with php, so i was thinking should i use firebase instead of mysql, or should i keep using mysql and use node.js instead of php
  2. RedWinter

    JavaScript Need Help to Debug my Code. My problem is that my longitude and latitude becomes undefined when i call them in position function.

    var ref = firebase.database().ref('Location/Lat'); var latitude; var longitude; ref.on("value", function(snapshot) { console.log(snapshot.val()); latitude = snapshot.val().Latitude; longitude = snapshot.val().Longitude; console.log(latitude, longitude)...
  3. Artur

    React - Upload avatar to firebase

    Good afternoon, I can’t figure out how to upload a photo (avatar) to firebase, but so that the avatar for each user is different and saved at each user login. User registration via firebase Authentication const [user, loading] = useAuthState(auth); const [image , setImage] = useState("")...
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