1. P

    My using CSS @supports does not work with feature detection

    I am trying to perform a specific CSS action on a CSS class if you are using the Edge browser, however, the code I work fails to detect the CSS property that I thought was specific to Edge: .gallery, .game { display: flex; flex-direction: row; flex-wrap: wrap; justify-content...
  2. Y

    Why I have padding-left on my .nav_primary when i did not set it

    Hi All, Could you please tell me why i have padding on my .nav_primary when i did not set it? I added a media query and was not able to center that class and then found out there is a padding-left and do not know why. When i add padding:0 all work. Here are my codes Thank you <header...
  3. H

    HTML & CSS input field does not respect flexbox layout

    Hello there! I need help! Why is the input growing so much that it overflows the flex container? However, if you comment the input and remove the comment on the '.div-grow' element, this one respects the flexbox layout. In fact, if the 'flex-grow:1' is removed form the input, it still grows so...
  4. Vogtei

    HTML & CSS Creating responsive form with display: flex?

    Hey guys, I just want to create a 2-column form but unfortunately it doesn't wrap among each other at the pixel width I set for mobile. This is my code: <div class="formular-hintergrund"> <div class="col-row-contact"> <div class="col-row-upside"> <!--...
  5. Liljeqvist

    CSS I cannot get these elements to align in my nav

    I am having an issue with my navigation menu. I use flexbox to align all the items, but for some reason I cannot get the logo / brand name to line up wtith the burger-icon. I added space-between to the parent container, because I want the logo on the left side, and the menu-icon on the right...
  6. barryc

    HTML & CSS slanted menu

    Hi i am looking to build a menu like the one in the image that is also responsive, i was wondering what the best way to go about it would be, such as a using a framework, or possible css grid/flexbox
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