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  1. JPGlobal

    CSS Grid vs Flexbox: The Real-World Usage Showdown

    Greetings to you all, Let's jump into a topic that's a staple at every web designer's table: CSS Grid versus Flexbox. But before we spar in this stylistic showdown, let's set the stage with a quick rundown. CSS Grid is like the master architect of web layouts. It lets you create complex...
  2. tomliv

    Flexbox layout question

    Is it possible to have one element, an image for example, next to 3 direct siblings in a flex row without having a wrapper around the 3 siblings? Thanks
  3. P

    My using CSS @supports does not work with feature detection

    I am trying to perform a specific CSS action on a CSS class if you are using the Edge browser, however, the code I work fails to detect the CSS property that I thought was specific to Edge: .gallery, .game { display: flex; flex-direction: row; flex-wrap: wrap; justify-content...
  4. Y

    Why I have padding-left on my .nav_primary when i did not set it

    Hi All, Could you please tell me why i have padding on my .nav_primary when i did not set it? I added a media query and was not able to center that class and then found out there is a padding-left and do not know why. When i add padding:0 all work. Here are my codes Thank you <header...
  5. H

    HTML & CSS input field does not respect flexbox layout

    Hello there! I need help! Why is the input growing so much that it overflows the flex container? However, if you comment the input and remove the comment on the '.div-grow' element, this one respects the flexbox layout. In fact, if the 'flex-grow:1' is removed form the input, it still grows so...
  6. Vogtei

    HTML & CSS Creating responsive form with display: flex?

    Hey guys, I just want to create a 2-column form but unfortunately it doesn't wrap among each other at the pixel width I set for mobile. This is my code: <div class="formular-hintergrund"> <div class="col-row-contact"> <div class="col-row-upside"> <!--...
  7. Liljeqvist

    CSS I cannot get these elements to align in my nav

    I am having an issue with my navigation menu. I use flexbox to align all the items, but for some reason I cannot get the logo / brand name to line up wtith the burger-icon. I added space-between to the parent container, because I want the logo on the left side, and the menu-icon on the right...
  8. barryc

    HTML & CSS slanted menu

    Hi i am looking to build a menu like the one in the image that is also responsive, i was wondering what the best way to go about it would be, such as a using a framework, or possible css grid/flexbox
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