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  1. EkBass

    Form hosting

    Hi folks. Yes, i could code this myself but due certain factors i rathery do this via some service. I need to host couple of forms. SSL and some easy login system to control who can fill up the form. Mobile friendly front-end and customizable forms. I need results ratherly in xls or odf...
  2. Thinas

    HTML & CSS CSS forms help

    I'm newbie in CSS and need to "copy" a model as exercise. I'm having trouble "setting up" the <forms>, because I want <label> above <input>. Thanks in advance. Expected: my output: my HTML code: <form method="post"> <label for="nome">Nome do Paciente</label> <input...
  3. janey98

    PHP Quick PHP help!

    Hello world! Looking for help with my login system code (php and SQL). This error is returning when I try to login on my form. Fatal error: Call to a member function execute() on boolean in /home/****/****/***/auth.php on line 16 <?php include 'dbconn.php'; if (isset($_POST['username']) &&...
  4. S

    PHP Can Someone help me send this web form to "welcome.php" to my email address [email protected]

    <form action="welcome" method="post" name="form" class="form-box"> <h1>Find Local Landscape Pros</h1> <!-- One "tab" for each step in the form: --> <div class="tab">Name: <p><input placeholder="First name..." oninput="this.className = ''" name="fname"></p> <p><input...
  5. strawbs89

    HTML & CSS Song Request

    hey there i have been looking around everywhere on the net and i'm have been trying to do it myself but with no luck! basically i'm have got a song request form with google forms? Song Requester and what i am trying to do is have the request form turn on and off at separate times of days and...
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