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    JavaScript How do I loop through an array and display each item in the HTML page on a new line?

    Hi, I am new to JS from Python. I am trying to create a To Do List in JS, and I am trying to loop over an array that contains the added items. I want each item in the array to appear on a new line in the web app. The best I can get is for the items to be displayed like this item1,item2,item3 I...
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    JavaScript get max sum of multiple functions

    I'm trying to get the largest number of this 3 functions then store in an array, the variables of that function and their amount..can be done? //this must be the result var result = [50,55,60,165] // function r2 function r1(){ var x = 5; var a = 10; var b = 10; return x+a+b // 25 } function...
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