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game development

  1. F

    Full Snake Game With Python

    Full Snake Game With Python including full code and explanations about the physical aspect of the game. https://codingwithfad.com/create-a-snake-game-with-python-2/ password: 010101 Enjoy!
  2. Idle Commander - The Dev

    JavaScript Why is this not working [edit]

    I'm making an online free web game and I got to the point where I don't know how to fix a particular bug. What I'm confused about is that the thing I'm building works perfectly when you perform it the normal way but If you go on a quest in my game and fight a monster it breaks. If you want a...
  3. jia_111

    HTML5 Canvas Games?

    Hi all, Recently I have been very much interested in HTML5 game development using the Canvas API and JavaScript. Is anyone here working or learning in the same domain? I would appreciate any suggestions and recommendations for tutorials, courses, or a roadmap that I should follow. Thank you :D
  4. BorkedSystem32

    Anybody looking for new resources?

    Hello there! A couple of weeks ago, I got back into doing art and Blender just to have some fun. In a recent conversation I had, where I discussed my lack of interest in programming, I was suggested that I maybe get into doing some sort of design or music work. That makes me wonder: would...
  5. EkBass


    So, here it is. My first ever Javascript program. Used p5 for some reason here too. Anyway, simple 2D sidescroll jump around whatever. Still wondering is JS or C# the one i would like to use for my future (and prpably similar) projects. Playable game via browser here. GitHub link here. Check...
  6. EkBass

    Hi everyone.

    Im a newold hobby programmer. Got first kicks from code lines back at 80's at microcomputer era. After that, more or less programmed all kind of stuff. Mostly complately useless things, but casonly something usefull too. Due boring work, got degree for software developement back at 2014 but...
  7. BorkedSystem32

    Java Two small Java games by Markus "Notch" Persson

    Hello there, CF! As I was scouting the web the other day for some interesting Java projects to contribute to, I came across two that not could I contribute to, but rather, mod and analyse. I present to you, two of Markus "Notch" Persson's(creator of Minecraft) previous projects: "Breaking The...
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