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  1. maximeguinard

    I develop your websites (Html, CSS and Responsive) and CMS (Wordpress)

    I introduce myself I am a web developer (Html, CSS and Responsive) and CMS (Wordpress). I started 1 years ago and to date, I have 5 websites to my credit. I offer you my services in the field of web development (Html, CSS and Responsive) and CMS (Wordpress). To convince you of my seriousness...
  2. Premium__Zocker

    Lua Need help learning lua for example to fix lua error's on my gmod server

    Hello everybody. Im new to coding in general and i started to learn lua by watching CODE BLUE's tutorials on youtube. But i could need help from someone that has time and wants to help me with this. Just lua in generall but i have also an example lua error that i cannot fix bc i just dont know...
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