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  1. L

    JavaScript GraphQL Query Issue Array of Objects

    My GraphQL sandbox localhost at port 4000 Problem : I am querying for data and not sure how to construct the typeDefs for Graphql and mongoose description of the database. It provides me an array/list of objects and that is what I do not understand how to construct. Operation query test {...
  2. dapalex

    Python My project to map GraphQL syntax

    Hi everyone, I worked on a personal project to allow a code-first approach when querying a GraphQL API. The source code is here: https://github.com/dapalex/py-graphql-mapper/ I have spent quite some time on it but actually I never worked with GraphQL before so I am not sure if I properly got...
  3. G

    Node.JS “GraphQL API not deployed” error when adding Sanity.io to Gatsby Site

    I'm trying to add Sanity to a Gatsby site. I installed Sanity and deployed a GraphQL API according to these instructions: https://www.sanity.io/docs/graphql When I run gatsby develop, I get the "GraphQL API not deployed" error. The repo is here...
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