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  1. Cariam009

    Could someone help?

    I got an homework that tells me to write a program with c that is supposed to(1. Semester): 1. scan 5 integers 2. find out the maximum and minimum sum possible if i only sum 4 of these 5 integers up. 3. this should be done in a singular loop and i dont need to print out the choosen 4 numbers. I...
  2. Vishaka

    Coding for mathematical function

    I have a function f(t)= e^(−5) e^(−5cos cos(t)) e^(10cos(t)) e^(−5sin sin(t)) I need to find the value of f for different values of t. Let us say from t=0 to t=5. How to write coding for that? I just know some basics of C.
  3. beginner07

    Python Python multi-dimensional arrays,matrix?

    The problem is that,to write a function which generate a random matrix (bigger than 2x2). And calculate all the 2x2 part determinant of the original matrix.Then generate a new matrix with that values. For example: generated matrix [4, 4, 8, 1 2, 6, 4, 7 1, 6, 6, 10] calculated matrix [16...
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