1. A

    CSS CSS :hover challenges

    Hello! I'm a beginner with CSS and am troubleshooting a site built with a custom theme file in WordPress. There is a 'recent posts' section at the bottom of the Homepage and each of the post content sections has a white background. When you hover over the text, the text changes to white. I've...
  2. trish_tree

    CSS Nav menu hover animation

    Hi team, Here's the css code below I put it in the wordpress, I using the Bridge theme, there's custom CSS I can add on. it supposed to show the underline animation when hover, but it didn't work as I expected, could anyone help to check where's wrong, thank you! here's the example for the menu...
  3. A

    CSS Image hover blur issue

    I have an issue with getting images to blur on hover in readymade website builder. The code works for text, but not png or jpegs. [data-id="61c8b64ca38ef20028c4898f"] div:hover span { backdrop-filter: blur(10px); filter: blur(4px);}
  4. G

    CSS Specific button animation/transition

    Hi, cant figure it out. I'm looking for way (or solution) to do button animation like below:
  5. R

    HTML & CSS Hover over text show image where cursor is or simply on the right side of the page in center

    Hello, I am having trouble getting my onmousehover to work for this new site I have been working on and would like some help. I need some help with making the hover images appear where the cursor is or just simply above the rules and on the right side of the page in the center. Also, adjusting...
  6. theoreticallyjo

    HTML & CSS How can I make small objects move out from behind a large object when I hover over it?

    I need some small images to come out from behind a main image when the cursor is over it. I'm not having any trouble with the hover property, but I do not know how to apply it to other objects (i.e., I'm fine with "this image moves when you hover on it" but need help with "this image moves when...
  7. Malcolm

    Tutorial CSS Hover Selector :hover

    CSS Hover Selector :hover Hello Coders! It's been a while since my last tutorial, I'm hoping to get a lot more out within the next couple of weeks. This tutorial is going to show you how to change the element's appearance when you hover over them using :hover. You should have an understanding...