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if else

  1. W

    Answered Replace very large jS if/elseif/else to show/hide many divs?

    Hi Forum, I've got a page that has a portion of it that displays, or hides, DIV's depending on what option was selected. There will be around 25 different div's when done, and while developing this I realize that the JS if/else is going to be quite verbose. For example...
  2. H

    JavaScript Issue displaying calculation into a table

    Hi, I'm trying to get the following code to display the calculated output into a table however, I can't seem to get all the results to print correctly I'm only getting a few answers. I believe I've done the calculations part correctly so it could just be how I'm passing it to the table that's...
  3. A

    Arduino solenoid valve code. Particular issues with declaration and if statments.

    Hi, I am very new to Arduino coding and I am trying to make a solenoid valve code to run on an if..else statement. However, I keep getting errors like: 'solenoidPin1' was not declared in this scope. Here is my code so far, with an if else statement at the bottom. The void setup() section is...
  4. RAH S

    Python Why does this If Else statement not working in Python?

    I have the following code randomNum = random.randint(1,10) number = input("To enter the land you must guess my number in 3 guesses or be taken to the darklands: ") guesses = 1 while guesses != 3: print() guesses = guesses + 1 number =...
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