1. BorkedSystem32

    C Struggling to get string and then accept other types of input

    Hey there, it's been a long time since I've asked a question on this site! I've started building my library management project, however, I have ran into a problem involving scanning string input. Data for new books is saved to a structure: book name and author(both strings), year published and...
  2. H

    HTML & CSS input field does not respect flexbox layout

    Hello there! I need help! Why is the input growing so much that it overflows the flex container? However, if you comment the input and remove the comment on the '.div-grow' element, this one respects the flexbox layout. In fact, if the 'flex-grow:1' is removed form the input, it still grows so...
  3. A

    Why is input mouse clicking not working on WebGL build?

    Hi, I made an FPS game in unity3d and exported it to webgl (unity play). When I played that, however, and clicked on a gameobject, nothing happened. The gameobject was supposed to rotate on click. Even when I tried clicking on other similar gameobjects, the same issue persisted. I'm not sure...
  4. Zyphon_22

    Python Key input in python

    So im working on a text game in python and I first decided to use the time module: import time print("Hello") time.sleep(2) print("How are you") But now i am creating a function and putting it in place of the time module like this: def dialog(): dialog = input("") print("Hi") dialog()...