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  1. W

    Answered Replace very large jS if/elseif/else to show/hide many divs?

    Hi Forum, I've got a page that has a portion of it that displays, or hides, DIV's depending on what option was selected. There will be around 25 different div's when done, and while developing this I realize that the JS if/else is going to be quite verbose. For example...
  2. Y

    JavaScript document.body.textContent with replace or replace all

    Hi Guys, Could you please help me to use document.body.textContent in console log on a website? For example I want to change this format of 4.500,00 to 4,500.00 or 4500.00? How is it possible in this way i.e on this site EuroDreams auf win2day - die Spieleseite der Österreichischen Lotterien|...
  3. XARZU

    Node.JS Discussion on Functions

    I thought I would start a helpful discussion of javascript Functions. Knowing Functions well I think would be helpful for understanding javascript. Specifically, Functions are Objets in javascript. This is a departure from typical coding where functions are methods of a class. Mozilla says...
  4. NoSpoonDude

    JavaScript Help with Codility Tests

    Hello, I am JavaScript developer for 6 years, yet I never pass any kind of such tests. Is there someone to help with passing Codility test? Thank you.
  5. H

    JavaScript How to save a javascript calculated value in a file and read from the file

    Hi, I fetched a data array from a web platform and calculated their average. Now I want to store this value inside a file every time to track the trend of the data.
  6. S

    JavaScript Need some help with JSON file data retrieval.

    Could someone please help an inexperienced hobby programmer. I have run into a small problem of parsing data from a remote JSON file, which contains several children. I always need to parse the top (first) child, since it is always the newest. I need the latitude and logitude to place them on a...
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