javascript tutorial

  1. nil14

    JavaScript issue with blackjack game on js

    hey everyone, so I'm following that javascript tutorial on youtube where I learn to create a blackjack game and I came across this issue in which I can't render out 2 cards together on the display , I could render them out before when I set the variables to a specific number for example - " let...
  2. A

    JavaScript How to auto select month from drop down using javascript

    I have this drop down and I want to auto select the current month on page load, means when ever the user gets to this page at any time the month drop down gets auto selected to current month, can any one help me in this regard I am new to javascript, here is my drop down html code: <select...
  3. stratos

    JavaScript need help fixing and understanding

    ive been following a tutorial to make a discord bot for a small server with my friends and am currently struggling to understand why this piece of code is not working. The aim for this part was to get the bot to say hello when i type hello into the server. The prefix is supposed to be used to...
  4. M

    Tutorial JavaScript Tutorial | 1 | Variables and console.log

    Hey! In this tutorial, I will teach you JavaScript Basics! First, please note: In JavaScript, we start variables with var! So, let's make a quick cup system with example! var Cup = true; var isDrinking = false; var disabled = false; // Let me explain. We create our first variable and name it...
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