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  1. irfanjamal

    JavaScript How I can adjust the string output in JavaScript and give a sequence

    I need help, I am using Javascript code to detect Radios, TextInputs and Text Area fields and push the detetcted values from field to a sequence in a input field. I've given each field a id with sequence, name1, name2, name3, name4, name5, name6, name7, name8, name8, name10, and name11 and the...
  2. P

    JavaScript Function is undefined after dynamically including <script> to external JS with function

    I have an HTML file that contains a page that, upon clicking a button, should do the following: 1) A <div> panel opens up 2) That <div> panel contains <script src="scripts/record_update.js"></script> 3) The external .js file "record_update.js" contains only one function: officialRecordUpdate()...
  3. Kana

    JavaScript JQuery troubleshooting - needed advise and hint

    Hi all, Being frankly, the issue I am encountering with the code below is a bit strange, and as a result I stuck with. To figure out it, I am writing my question here and hope someone is avaiable to help me with. I just need advise and hint what wrong with the code is. I appreciate your...
  4. developpersoft

    JavaScript How to transfer payment from website to bank account?

    Hi, I hope you're well Please I Have a Website for payment form I need the code to let user transferring payment from website to bank account . here is the code for payment form so I need someone to add javascript code for transaction. <button type="button" class="btn btn-primary launch"...
  5. T

    HTML & CSS jQuery Generated Variable Not Passing to CSS Keyframe Animation on Safari

    I have a CSS keyframe animation that uses a CSS variable as one of the animation properties. This variable is defined in jQuery. The entire animation seems to work fine in Chrome and Firefox. However, in Safari and on mobile browsers, only the portions of the animation not using the variable...
  6. Johna

    JavaScript How can I add a timeout in between functions?

    <button id="button">Click me!</button> $("#button").click(function() { console.log("clicked"); }) The button can be clicked any number of times, but I want the JavaScript function to only run at most once per second. So if the button was clicked twice in a second, the function will only run...
  7. Warner

    JavaScript Help Me To Copy Unicode

    Hi, I want to make some kind of tool which copy Unicode like this invisible character. CAN ANY BODY HELP ME ?
  8. J

    JavaScript Jquery Datatable not working with html table

    Hi all, I'm having an issue where im trying to convert a html table to a DataTable using Jquery, however I am seeing NO change. I've added the links so that JQuery is first, datatables.css is second, then datables.js is third. I got the 2 Datatable links from...
  9. F

    JavaScript Drawing in canvas problems when scrolled

    Hello, im using a jQuery script to draw very simple on a canvas with dynamic background. My Problem is, as long as im on top of the page it works like a charm, but when the canvas is placed on a site with more content and you have to scroll down, the drawing position doesnt match the mouse...
  10. Roy Harper

    JavaScript Add/remove element on button click, based on checked checkboxes

    I am creating messaging process but I encounter problem with marking messages as important/unimportant. What I am trying to achieve is, if I mark those messages as important, I will append that icon to specific element. And if I mark it again as unimportant, the icon will be removed. However...
  11. M

    JavaScript Array format unable to asses each item

    I have an ajax request returning an array. The array is ok to console log out as a hole but when i try to asses one part of the array I get a undefined function function reqIng() { for (i = 0; i <= ing_len - 1; i++) { $.when(ajaxCall2(ing_name[i])).done(function...
  12. MiroslavP

    JavaScript jQuery - SwipeUp and SwipeDown set just around div

    Hello, I need to set swipeup and swipedown to work all over the page. But it didn't work around .swiper-container. How do I do that? Image for ilustration: Green: SWIPE UP and SWIPE DOWN zone PINK: ON THIS DIV turn SWIPE OFF for this function. On this position I have another vertical slider...
  13. Typhol

    CSS How to execute different site php in css

    Is it possible to execute/run different site php in css? Like Javascript:$.get function. I really need help.
  14. J

    JavaScript How to create a dynamic live counter

    I'm trying to create a dynamic live counter. The counter needs to: have some text before and after. change live. stay between 1 and 10. change only by ±1. have 2 to 10 second intervals between each update (Random but no longer than 10 and no less than 2 seconds between each update). if...
  15. M

    Best way call Objects in Canvas, jQuery

    Hi Guys, I would like some advice on a project I am working on to create a simulation of an electrical schematic which I am creating in canvas. First I have created objects for components like relays, contacts, user controls and wires. All object shave the relevant information to draw the...
  16. B

    JavaScript Trouble with expandable accordion list - extra space

    Hello! I'm trying to perfect an expandable accordion list that I put together, but I cant seem to fix the fact that there is extra white space after the text on every single block (See example here). Heres what I have: <link rel="stylesheet"...
  17. S

    JavaScript How to limit a "popular articles" feature to articles shared within the year?

    Hi there! I am helping a blog website do some updates and tweaks to their site and am stuck on one piece of code. They have a popular articles sidebar on the bottom right that is pulling articles with the highest page view, but all the articles are really out of date. I'm wondering if there is...
  18. C

    JavaScript Edit Bootstrap calendar

    Hello Guys, i need some help. Yesterday i download Bootstrap Calendar for my application. Today i want to edit the calendar but it doesn´t Work. $('#element').calendar({ setDisplayWeekNumber: true, }); Link for Bootstrap Calendar Options Thank you for helping me :) Codex (Ger)
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