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  1. yumedoll

    Answered Div gets pushed downwards even without top margin

    Can someone help me with this? I'm making changes to my personal site and I added these "sidebars" to it. Everything looked fine until I added my links into the left sidebar div, and it just got pushed downwards like this: Here's the code in question (With the container in case you can find an...
  2. H

    Hello.A Layout problem

    I cannot figure out what I wrote wrong when I made a mistake. The content doesn't have max-width 100% and goes beyond the borders. All layouts are not working as intended. If someone can help I will be grateful.
  3. T

    HTML & CSS Layout issue

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone can help :) I am trying to create a layout with 2 side by side columns within a container with a max-width of 1296px centerted on the screen. Column 1 need to be 50% width of the container and column 2 (on the right) i would like to fill the rest of the screen and not...
  4. S

    HTML & CSS Bootstrap grid issue

    Hello guys, I am kinda new in front-end, and I faced with issue when developing my very first website. So I have the website in psd format with bootstrap grid, and I can't position the elements correctly in the container. I need them to be like this, however image always drops to below on the...
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