1. T

    Frustrated. Doing freecodecamp.org, finished most of it, but cannot for the life of me build something from scratch

    Hello everyone, I find coding very fascinating, so I took the first three courses on freecodecamp.org titled: Basic HTML and HTML5, Basic CSS, and Applied Visual Design. So, I thought that I could apply what I learned by making something in Visual Studio code; however, I just realized that I...
  2. getrickrolled

    Python .get doesn't seem to work :/

    digit_mapping = { "1" == "One", "2" == "Two", "3" == "Three", "4" == "Four" } phone = input("Phone: ") output = "" for digits in phone: output = output + digit_mapping.get(digits, "!") + " " print(output) The .get function is shown as an error (btw this is Python...