1. nakaly

    scanf in loop crashes IDE

    Hello World! I keep getting crashed my IDE when I enter a letter in the scanf instead of a number. I tried to use scanf's return value to check that it succesfully matches the input but it still crashes when I enter a letter. Thank you in advance for any help. int getMove(Board_t *self...
  2. A

    Explanation for below query

    I have this code from a project and I am not sure why J is set to n-2 in for loop for Checks forward Please help #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> int main() { int test; printf("Enter the number of tests: "); scanf("%d", &test); for (int a=0; a < test; a++) { int...
  3. aartiyadav

    Java Infinite Loop in Java Error?

    Hello Everyone, I am new in this community and new to Java and am attempting to write code that takes the number of sides of a polygon and the length of each side as input and gives the area of the polygon as output. The JRE I am using says that my code will not run, possibly because of an...
  4. W

    Python Easy Python Help

    Hi, I just began python and made a dice simulator. I am having the following issues: 1)the random integer is always the same (it is a value from 1 to 6, but within the loop it is always the same). Can I fix this or perhaps this is because I'm using an online interpreter?2) After the loop goes...
  5. Ghost

    Python Super Quick Python Arrays & Loops Examples

    Hey all, I am sitting in my car waiting for my girlfriend to be done with work... sharing a car this morning ! So I decided to write up some basic Python loops. Our first array just holds some users and our simple for loop prints out a sentence saying each user is cool. users =...
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