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  1. A

    Python Animated heatmap with Seaborn and matplotlib

    Hello everyone ! I’m trying to animate a heatmap for data visualization. (Just to clarify, I am a beginner in coding) The heatmap is generated from a matrix where cells situated at the center of the map take a +1 value at each iteration. I don’t use numpy for the matrix but comprehension...
  2. N

    Python How to return position of Non-zero elements of a matrix in python

    Hi, I have for example this matrix: 1 0 -1 4 0 1 4 0 3 3 2 1 0 0 1 -1 by this code: for i in range(n): a =[] for j in range(n): a.append(int(input())) adjacency_matrix.append(a) Now, how to return position of Non-zero elements of adjacency_matrix in...
  3. DisguisedEagle

    Python Help me fix this code

    def solve_board(board): for i in range(9): for j in range(9): if board[i][j] == '0': for k in range(1, 10): if not check_number(board, k, i, j): board[i][j] = str(k) if solve_board(board)...
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