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  1. RealImmortal2004

    How do I hide the modal after 5 seconds?

    I’ve tried the code below but it doesn’t seem to work well. Please help!!! I’m trying to get the modal to popup with an onclick event as it normally would but then I want it to disappear after about 5 seconds and hide the ability to allow the user from making it hide. <html...
  2. postman

    HTML & CSS Open Modal with pure CSS coding

    I show a modal here that is functioning and opens on click event with jquery, I am a beginner and tried the same function with animating modal opens with pure CSS code. but I could not achieve the goal. I read various threads and codepen, but in my case, I little confused about wherefrom I do...
  3. A

    JavaScript Modal image

    Hello, :geek: am trying the example in w3schools - How to to create a Modal image (popup). For 1 image the example works, do I have to change something in the js part if I have 2 or more images ?
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