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  1. TheShanachie

    Node.JS Is there a better way to write this JS which is dependent on a Promise?

    In a current JS web application. I am currently rendering my pages with specific information from a MongoDB Atlas cluster. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about JS to fix a major issue. The current code queries the Database each time a page is rendered as far as I understand. This seems like...
  2. Widusha Dheemantha

    Node.JS Can't Connect To MongoDB Atles

    in my case I upload the mongoes link from web to vs code & then I develop the module file. after that start the npm & start testing the inputs that I created in index.ejs file. when I click the submit button the information that I type on the input tag Is not on the mongoDB collection (in web)...
  3. L

    JavaScript GraphQL Query Issue Array of Objects

    My GraphQL sandbox localhost at port 4000 Problem : I am querying for data and not sure how to construct the typeDefs for Graphql and mongoose description of the database. It provides me an array/list of objects and that is what I do not understand how to construct. Operation query test {...
  4. malc_b

    JavaScript MongoDB, replaceOne and using ObjectId

    Working on a little project that has me using a number of thing for the first time. One of these is Mongo. Looking to replace a document in a collection by using the Mongo assigned Id. Problem is that I don't ever seem to get a matched record no matter what I do despite the fact the ID exists...
  5. E

    Node.JS How do I collect HTML form data when hosting using Node.js as backend?

    I am trying to setup a small application to collect form data from users and store it on MongoDB database. I was able to do this on my local server by setting the HTML action attribute to point to my localhost route used for setting up the Express post method which is...
  6. Supa

    Node.JS MongoDB/Mongoose save a string to a specific collection

    there is a thing that im confused about, i'm using node.js and express.js (template express) and i have a mongodb database. i have some code like this ```js //variables for router, mongoose e.t.c are included, but that would be long router.get("/", landing.get_lead); //connects to mongoose and...
  7. TechPro424

    Node.JS My `warn delete` subcommand is not working as expected, please help me out

    I'm trying to delete a warn by using its `_id` property, but it is unable to find the warn, but when I console.log all the warns, it is there. Why am I unable to find the warn? My warn.js command const schema = require('../../models/welcome.js') const { MessageEmbed } = require("discord.js")...
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