1. Widusha Dheemantha

    Node.JS Can't Connect To MongoDB Atles

    in my case I upload the mongoes link from web to vs code & then I develop the module file. after that start the npm & start testing the inputs that I created in index.ejs file. when I click the submit button the information that I type on the input tag Is not on the mongoDB collection (in web)...
  2. L

    JavaScript GraphQL Query Issue Array of Objects

    My GraphQL sandbox localhost at port 4000 Problem : I am querying for data and not sure how to construct the typeDefs for Graphql and mongoose description of the database. It provides me an array/list of objects and that is what I do not understand how to construct. Operation query test {...
  3. kush

    Node.JS mongoose find query inside loop

    there is around 300 users who watched video multiple times so i want to know how many users are watched the last video i just want to know how to get the final calculated value outside of async.each? i need to return inside an object function(totaluser,callback) { let cnt=0...
  4. Supa

    Node.JS MongoDB/Mongoose save a string to a specific collection

    there is a thing that im confused about, i'm using node.js and express.js (template express) and i have a mongodb database. i have some code like this ```js //variables for router, mongoose e.t.c are included, but that would be long router.get("/", landing.get_lead); //connects to mongoose and...
  5. TechPro424

    Node.JS My `warn delete` subcommand is not working as expected, please help me out

    I'm trying to delete a warn by using its `_id` property, but it is unable to find the warn, but when I console.log all the warns, it is there. Why am I unable to find the warn? My warn.js command const schema = require('../../models/welcome.js') const { MessageEmbed } = require("discord.js")...
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