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  1. 8

    Python how to grouping/merge rows in to single row

    Greetings! Actually, I converted the PDF file containing the tables into a Pandas dataframe and then into Excel. Some cells in a PDF document contain multiline text. I've previously converted PDFs into a Pandas dataframe and then into Excel, but in those PDFs, the cells with multiline text had...
  2. K

    Python How to send data frame to another neural net in flask route

    So, I have flask app with py-cicflowmeter. Purpose - detection of network attacks. According to my idea, two neural networks are used. The first is a fast binary LSTM classifier, and the second is a slow multiclass KNN. Both networks are pretrained and have 23 inputs each, with the same input...
  3. C

    Python Request for help with basic statistics using NumPy

    Please see the attachments. I do not understand how to insert the required numbers. Many thanks in advance for any wisdom you may proffer.
  4. A

    Python How to binary encode this data

    What am trying to do is in each task I have elements and am going to randomly choose an element and create a matrix the same size as the data and put 1 for the selected element and 0 for the non-selected one The issues I have faced are that my data is not equal in length so that posed as a...
  5. Casm

    Python How to repair the corrupted image below using opencv, python, numpy and necessary libraries

    import cv2 damaged_image = cv2.imread("Corrupted.png") mask = cv2.imread("mask.png", 0) output = cv2.inpaint(damaged_image, mask, 1, cv2.INPAINT_TELEA) cv2.imshow('test', output) cv2.waitKey(0) cv2.destroyAllWindows() I couldn't generate mask with python, i have drawn the mask by using Paint...
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