php script

  1. S

    PHP Can Someone help me send this web form to "welcome.php" to my email address [email protected]

    <form action="welcome" method="post" name="form" class="form-box"> <h1>Find Local Landscape Pros</h1> <!-- One "tab" for each step in the form: --> <div class="tab">Name: <p><input placeholder="First name..." oninput="this.className = ''" name="fname"></p> <p><input...
  2. MIke33

    PHP Need help

    HI. Is this easy to make font generators like this I know a little bit php if any one help me to make like this so it will be very thankful and i will pay him/her a little bit :x3:.
  3. Ghost

    PHP Hello World PHP Beginner Tutorial

    I want to share this easy beginner PHP tutorial for how to code Hello World in PHP! It is one of the easiest ways to learn a new programming language because it covers how to start your code block in the PHP file and show text on the page. You can read my full beginner PHP Hello World tutorial...