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  1. Johna

    JavaScript Image Carousel Issue with First and Last Image

    I've been trying to make an image carousel for quite a while not, I've finally got somewhere, but there's still one issue. When the carousel moves to the next image, rather that the last image sliding in, it just appears. Same with going to previous Image, but then it's the first image. I know...
  2. D

    JavaScript Moving with slideshow with arrows on keyboard

    Hello, I have in my website the same slideshow gallery as on this url: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_slideshow_gallery.asp. I would like to have move gallery with the arrow keys on keyboard. Please, does anyone know, how to doit? Thanks very much!
  3. W

    HTML & CSS HTML/CSS - Multiple images in carousel slide show

    I'm trying to create a slideshow that shows 4 images at a time, and then you can click arrows on the left and right to go to the next set of images. When I attempt to open my html file in google chrome, all the images stack on top of each other vertically instead of horizontally and my arrows...
  4. J

    Answered Gap between image and border on slideshow

    Hello, I'm very new to web development/html/css/javascript, and I'm trying to make a slideshow that dissolves from one image to the next, adapted from this tutorial. One problem I have is that the images in my slideshow are different formats (height and width), so, for example, the sides of...
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