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    JavaScript Moving with slideshow with arrows on keyboard

    Hello, I have in my website the same slideshow gallery as on this url: I would like to have move gallery with the arrow keys on keyboard. Please, does anyone know, how to doit? Thanks very much!
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    HTML & CSS HTML/CSS - Multiple images in carousel slide show

    I'm trying to create a slideshow that shows 4 images at a time, and then you can click arrows on the left and right to go to the next set of images. When I attempt to open my html file in google chrome, all the images stack on top of each other vertically instead of horizontally and my arrows...
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    Answered Gap between image and border on slideshow

    Hello, I'm very new to web development/html/css/javascript, and I'm trying to make a slideshow that dissolves from one image to the next, adapted from this tutorial. One problem I have is that the images in my slideshow are different formats (height and width), so, for example, the sides of...