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  1. Y

    JavaScript Find The Length Of A String

    Hi, I've just started to learn JavaScript, being a beginner. In order to qualify myself for the proper boot camp, I must do a kind of online course first and pass some challenges. I've got a bit stack in a very simple situation. My problem is: Create a new variable called stringLength. Use...
  2. Fast

    C Rand in C

    Hi, i'm a newbie and my teacher gave me an exercis with strings and arrays where i had to lowercase, uppercase ecc a string. Now i'm stuck with my code where i have to replace a random letter of the string with a random letter without using any library that simplify the problem. That's the code...
  3. J

    C++ Why is this not working properly (.find)

    int main() { string happy = "24 1.99 42"; int loc = happy.find(" "), loc2 = happy.find(" ", loc + 1, loc + 5); cout << "LOC 1: " << loc << endl; cout << "LOC 2: " << loc2 << endl; return 0; } So I am attempting to find the two locations of the spaces My first value comes...
  4. D

    C Running Issue At codeblocks

    Hello, I have write a code for a binary tree in c.I use codeblocks because i need the one data of the structure of tree to be string i do that with static method ,now the point of this is because sometimes it execute the code perfectly and can keep executing for 1 hour without a problem after...
  5. H

    JavaScript simple a+b does not work

    Hi, What am i doing wrong that it does not give the answer"hello world". Instead i get error message: "e is not defined" function greeting(k){ var ans=m+e; m=hello; e=world; return ans; } var i=greeting(k); print(i);
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