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  1. B

    C Struggling to get string and then accept other types of input

    Hey there, it's been a long time since I've asked a question on this site! I've started building my library management project, however, I have ran into a problem involving scanning string input. Data for new books is saved to a structure: book name and author(both strings), year published and...
  2. J

    C++ Why is this not working properly (.find)

    int main() { string happy = "24 1.99 42"; int loc = happy.find(" "), loc2 = happy.find(" ", loc + 1, loc + 5); cout << "LOC 1: " << loc << endl; cout << "LOC 2: " << loc2 << endl; return 0; } So I am attempting to find the two locations of the spaces My first value comes...
  3. C

    Answered Request for help with printing strings in Python

    Please see a directive which I am having trouble fulfilling: # Use upper() on place: place_up place_up = upper(place, place_up) I received this error message: NameError: name 'upper' is not defined Please see the code in context, attached. There are probably more errors which I have not...
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