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Jan 2, 2018
Site Rules & Guidelines
Any information within this post is subject to change at any time. Welcome to CodeForum.ORG! We are truly honoured to have you with us as member of the CodeForum.ORG community and look forward to the many great things ahead. Before you start indulging into our community, we kindly ask for you just to take a few moments to look over the guidelines of CodeForum.ORG to ensure you and other members have fun and are safe while using our website.

  • Be respectful towards member's opinions and ideas they may have. It's fair to disagree and to have a different perspective, but present your case on why you disagree thoroughly.
  • When posting you need to be sure to add some value to your post. Add lots of information, explain yourself, make your post enjoyable to read.
  • When replying to other member's post try to stay on topic, although we will not penalize you, we strongly encourage you to not divert from the topic. E.g. the post is about HTML, but you decide to start talking about cats.
  • Make yourself understood. Use proper grammar to the best of your ability. We understand that English may not be everyone’s main language, but make an attempt. You won’t get in trouble for a misplaced comma or typos, but it would help everyone if you could make sure everyone understands your message.
  • Please do not advertise other developing communities at CodeForum.ORG. You may, however, reference a resource or a tutorial/guide.
  • Do not promote sites on CodeForum; this may include but not limited to forum threads, profile posts, private messaging and or any other affiliation to Code Forum.
    • However, if you are seeking help with your website, app or any other development then you are able to share a link to help you and others solve your issue.
  • Use common sense. This includes but is not limited to avoiding spamming, being excessively rude or arguing against the staff members. If you have a conflict with a member or a staff member, contact the administration through a private message rather than having heated debates in the forum discussions. Avoid using Vulgar, offensive or otherwise obscene names towards staff or another member.
  • Using people's content is okay with their consent if you were not permitted by the author of the original post/content will be removed and you shall be given a warning.
  • Unwelcoming behaviour is not tolerated at CodeForum.ORG; this is regards to posts or replies where statements such as "Google it, search google" and or "that's a stupid question" will result in a warning. We are a community, we help each other, encourage each other.
  • Try to greet new members in the introduction forum! We want to show newcomers that we are a friendly community :)
  • Only one account from the same IP (contact admin for possible exception), one account per person.
We hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact any staff member. This post will remain "Unlocked" if members wish to ask questions regarding these guidelines.
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