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    What is the max connection limit in mysql remote database

    Hey and welcome, so the answer is. It depends. You can set a max connection amount, if memory serves me right mine is 1100 on my PI WHY? Because why not lol. So connection is each time someone goes onto your database so say, i request all of the names from your database, get them then show...
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    Advanced - Intermediate Programmer where do I go from here [Random]

    I think the Answer lies with you mate and what direction you want to take, Are you doing this for money, For show off status, Do you enjoy electronics, Do you enjoy games or websites, are you into databases and then from there you could decide what code fits what you need. I started off with...
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    HTML & CSS Can't make that nice Hamburger menu work.

    We all do it :D Yeah the JS file is blank as hes getting the scripts from an external source :D
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    HTML & CSS CSS Background Opacity

    The question here is what are you trying to do, are you trying to make the background more faded so whiter?
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    Fellow Webmasters of CF, what tips do you have for those starting a website/forum?

    its finding something thats not being done or can be improved. Maybe have a look at the google trends and see what people are searching then pick something that you have passion for and go from there :)
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    HTML & CSS Can't make that nice Hamburger menu work.

    If you go to Pen Settings, CSS/JS there is options to add External Scripts :) also when loading the whole file them external scripts are in the files too :)
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    HTML & CSS How to improve my account-details form?

    Codes good man, only issue i would say is your ID's are all the place lol One moment you have say "displayName" Then you have "account-save" Then you have "userDelete" Then you have "Admiin" Later on when you start having lots of code it could cause you issues, you might think well im doing it...
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    HTML & CSS Can't make that nice Hamburger menu work.

    Hey so looking i can see no way this is done without Jquery or Java so upon looking, Pen Settings has <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"><link rel="stylesheet" href=""> <link...
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    Python Is i possible for iter_lines to show all lines?

    Hey :D If you have the Modules file handy i can have alook for you and test it my end :D Looking through my first question would be to print the api_session.get(f'{username}', headers=api_headers, stream=True) and make sure you are in fact getting back more...
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    Largest and smallest word.

    does it have to be in C or can we use python :D
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    Is becoming a coder a good idea for MBA graduates?

    Hey and welcome :D Coding is 100% a great way to move forward, running your own company is about being ahead of the person next to you. Being up to date with the world and its tech but also doing things that no one else is, Why do you think coders get the big bucks, Here is 2 story's off the...
  12. simong1993 - I built my own PHP based Reddit clone where users can share stories!

    Well dam that's quick and i like the idea, if i signed up would you email me say the best 2 or 3 story's of the day as that's something i think would be awesome to add
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    HTML & CSS Updating website content regularly

    Of course, its your site you can do as you please :) if you wanted too you could also build it with say elementor and do a drag and drop site without a theme. Also i am going to disagree massively against taking on installing WordPress with out your hosting company's auto installer. Wordpress...
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    PHP Help with if/else statement for WordPress function

    Hey, Surely you don't want to break when the else it met in that case, If your removed the break then it would stay in the for loop until complete and then should show your upcoming events if i understand what your trying to do right :)
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    HTML & CSS Updating website content regularly

    First thing you need to do is install it onto your server, Most hosting company's will have softalicious or something like that where you can install WordPress easy. Then you need to pick a theme for WordPress and upload all of your content and that's it, your done :)