artificial intelligence

  1. Veronica

    Travelling Salesman Problem Using Dynamic Programming

    In the traveling salesman problem algorithm, we take a subset N of the required cities that need to be visited, the distance among the cities dist, and starting city s as inputs. Each city is identified by a unique city id which we say like 1,2,3,4,5………n Here we use a dynamic approach to...
  2. chrswe03

    Python What should be my next steps to solve this sorting/resolving issue?

    Hi all, first post here. Working on a project for corp, we take in lots of emails and need to process them accordingly, my role is to automate this process however possible.. What I've done so far: - Grab the email, convert it out of .msg format and into a more friendly format. - Developed the...
  3. M

    Introduction - Offer of help to the community

    Hi guys, Lovely to be part of this community. I'm not from a development background so please go easy on me if my requests and questions come across as very basic! I was a UX/UI designer by trade, and happy to help with provisional UI mockups, etc. where needed on request, or to collaborate...
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