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  1. JosiahMaybe

    How many full backups do you have and how?

    Okay so how many of you back up your devices? Of those people, how many of you could fully restore everything on your computer somehow? Counting cloud, USB, and just in general if you could do it with your current backup solution or solutions. I understand some devices do not allow system files...
  2. A

    Python Animated heatmap with Seaborn and matplotlib

    Hello everyone ! I’m trying to animate a heatmap for data visualization. (Just to clarify, I am a beginner in coding) The heatmap is generated from a matrix where cells situated at the center of the map take a +1 value at each iteration. I don’t use numpy for the matrix but comprehension...
  3. M

    Python Python code to read in data file, write it to a file, order columns in ascending order

    Specific Prompt Read in the included data file and write it to a file named sorted_data.txt with the same data, but order the columns in ascending alphabetical order. The data comes from a .txt file and is randomly generated data going up to 1000 How would I approach writing this code...
  4. dylanshrpe

    Python data scraping but i need it to write next coloum in excel instead of replacing as it is doing now

    i need help with my data scraper it gets all the data and writes it to an excel sheet , but whenever i want to run it again it replaces the old data and id like it to be wrote a few coloums to the right instead without replacing all data can anyone help with this please?(i run this in pycharm)...
  5. Ghost

    How many passwords do you use online?

    I wrote an article today that explains how pretty much any webmaster can steal your passwords online. It can be done with established software such as WordPress, XenForo, etc. Pretty much any site that takes your login information can store it without encrypting it to then access other online...
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