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  1. A

    Convert excel to HTML file

    The non-profit I work for is a free clinic and we use an electronic medical record program. One of the features is to upload documents, however, the primary format is HTML. I have created an excel file of the document and saved it as an html. I then opened it and viewed source code. But when I...
  2. N

    Add the value taken from the user to my range for ActiveX ComboBox

    Hi everyone, I defined a ActiveX ComboBox named "cmbPeymankar", a Text Box (ActiveX control) called "txtNewPeymankar". a Command Button (ActiveX control) called "Add". I have a table named "Table1" in sheet "DATA" so that the first column of Table1 contains the names that should be displayed...
  3. Freeto_India

    Python Read xls and xlsx file to write it in csv file using python

    Hi All, I have 2 -> .XLS files (with header), 1 -> .XLSX file and 1 -> .XLSX file (password protected) I have to read these files optimally and create respective .CSV files - What would be the best optimized approach? - What are the necessary libraries required? Can one library solve this...
  4. J

    Help Needed in VBA

    I am new to VBA and this is the first Macro I've tried to write. I have an excel table which has five columns titled Address, location , works , action and completed. I want to create a new worksheet for each unique address and then copy the relevant rows for that address on that new worksheet...
  5. V

    Python Help!

    How do I make this script ignore certain words when renaming files? Please help! --- import pandas as pd import os from pathlib import Path as path df = pd.read_excel("KODAIX.xlsx") df = df.set_index('code') folder = path(r'C:\Users\X\PycharmProjects\pythonProject3\MOZAIKX') for file...
  6. N

    Need help with web development project

    Dear bros (and hoes), I’m a 25 y.o virgin looking to be pointed in the right direction :notworthy: My personal development goal is to learn how to create the following: Cloud-based web application User-friendly interface Purpose built application for financial analysis Replicates what Excel...
  7. dylanshrpe

    Python data scraping but i need it to write next coloum in excel instead of replacing as it is doing now

    i need help with my data scraper it gets all the data and writes it to an excel sheet , but whenever i want to run it again it replaces the old data and id like it to be wrote a few coloums to the right instead without replacing all data can anyone help with this please?(i run this in pycharm)...
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