1. C

    Regarding GitHub repsoitory - is this code useable in it's current state?

    This is the repository: Do you mind taking a peek at it and telling me, if I download it onto an iphone, is this useable in it's current state? Or are there other steps required to make that happen?
  2. A

    JavaScript Javascript Help for an iOS Shortcut

    I only just started using Javascript, so I do not know much. I am creating a iOS Shortcut that transfers the current video playing, onto a new tab. The Javascript works on some websites but not all. If the video playing is using the safari default video player, it does not work. It’s a Safari...
  3. TokyoNerd

    HTML & CSS text-align: center; Tag Isn't Working On an IOS Device

    Listed below is the code that I'm using to build a website. I've gotten this to display the way that I'd like it to on a computer (I'm currently using a Macbook), and when I scale it down and view it as it may look on a smartphone on my computer there are no issues. However, when I try to view...
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