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  1. Malcolm

    Node.JS Sendgrid is not returning results with a provided timestamp.

    Hey folks, I've been building a server that fetches all bounces from Sendgrid. Currently, I'm trying to query for certain results, e.g. start_time & end_time values Sendgrid requires. But I noticed that it doesn't always return the requested data. Sometimes it's blank with just [ ] as a result...
  2. K

    JavaScript Issue with textarea script?

    so im trying to create an "AUTO" WYSIWYG real-time documentation generator for VS2019 Intellisense in javascript & jquery. so i got it working, but noticed after I type "Description : " ( a keyword ) into the text box, it converts fine but THEN if i try to delete it, it keeps on adding the <b>...
  3. M

    JavaScript Change the colour of video progress bar based on seconds. eg : Colour red from 1 to 2 seconds, blue from 2 to 5 seconds

    I am new to web development. I have created a custom video player. I want to change the colour f the vide progress bar dynamically. I am training an ML model which gives output as follows: [('music', 0.0, 14.64), ('noEnergy', 14.64, 14.98),('male', 0.0, 14.64), ('female', 14.64, 14.98)] I am...
  4. Sawit

    JavaScript Plot a graph with the dataset

    Hi All, Explanation of the experiment and what I want. Taking one random value from the slider to the table Then I have to plot the first dataset on the graph, not the table values. (Dataset is present in the file itself.) Then again I take a second random value from the slider to the...
  5. Sawit

    Plot a graph

    Hello everyone, I need to plot values on the graph if you open the file i attched below::(We have 10 sets of values in the datasets so if we take first value from the slider the graph should plot the first dataset values.) (1) Firstly i have to Power On i.e changing colour from red to green...
  6. Czerwony

    Reservation system

    Hi Guys, I'm beginner who decided to do a website for friendly bowling alley. I've already learned html & css and I've done some stuff on the website but I am stucked at the moment. Next step which I'm gonna do it's a reservation system for bowling lanes. What code language should I use? (JS...
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