1. Roy Harper

    JavaScript How does setInterval() affect the website's performance?

    I created a notification system in my website. In order to get the latest notifications like someone places, paid, or cancelled the order, I created a function and put it inside the setInterval(). My question is, does it somehow affect the performance of the website as it constantly downloading...
  2. MiroslavP

    JavaScript jQuery - SwipeUp and SwipeDown set just around div

    Hello, I need to set swipeup and swipedown to work all over the page. But it didn't work around .swiper-container. How do I do that? Image for ilustration: Green: SWIPE UP and SWIPE DOWN zone PINK: ON THIS DIV turn SWIPE OFF for this function. On this position I have another vertical slider...
  3. gyansangrah

    JavaScript Query regarding import and export module in JavaScript

    Hi Experts I want to implement import and export module. For that, I have created a file "ExportClass.js". Here is the code const person = { name: 'Max' }; export default person; I am created another file "ImportClass.js" to import this module // JavaScript...
  4. variety code

    browser extensions

    Does anyone know about browser extensions?
  5. L0L2G00D

    JavaScript Help with a problem?

    is there any way to figure out if an answer contains a part of pi? let fakePi = 3 fakePi.isPi = true let fakePi = 3.1 fakePi.isPi = true let fakePi = 3.14 fakePi.isPi = true let fakePi = 3.142 fakePi.isPi = false let fakePi = 3.141 fakePi.isPi = true
  6. L0L2G00D

    JavaScript Is there any way to get an equation out of a string?

    let equation = prompt("equation?") equation = "5+5" equation = "1-3" equation = "7/3" any ideas? it all needs to be in the same string for the application I might use it for.
  7. L0L2G00D

    JavaScript Easier way to if/or?

    I am making a game in javascript, and was wondering If there was an easier way to check for multiple answers answer = prompt(_Name + "?"); if(answer === 'y' || answer === 'Y' || answer === 'Yes' || answer === 'yes' || answer === 'Ye' || answer...
  8. L0L2G00D


    I'm making a game in Javascript.
  9. laEdu

    HTML Multiselect dropdown Java Script not working at when Add Multiple Fields.

    I have problem with setting up multiselect dropdown menu.. HTML Multiselect dropdown Java Script not working at when Add Multiple Fields. This is my fill script link - <> <link href=""...
  10. B

    JavaScript Woocommerce & Shopper Approved Integration

    I am trying to integrate shopper approved into our site and I do not know what to do and their team is being difficult. I am using Google Tag Manager. I am trying to dynamically input the Customer Name, Customer Email, and Order ID. I am sure I have to replace the ORDER123, John Doe, and...
  11. C

    JavaScript How to alternate values from two variables?

    var 1 = 12345 var 2 = 67890 wanted output: 1627384950
  12. C

    JavaScript Decrypt the rail fence cipher for beginners

    Here's the code for the encryption. First every second letter is set and then every other letter(input: abcdefgh; output: acegdfh). I can't figure out the decryption. I figured, seperating the encrypted text in two and alternately taking a letter from each would work. Any ideas for the code...
  13. noctis28

    JavaScript Create a hover dropdown list to an exsting button

    Hello, I want to create a hover dropdown list to an existing button. All in the hybris CMS system, I have a button called: applications_pharma_button1 I have a container of three links: the container is called: applications_pharma_links1 I want the list of the container to be shown when...
  14. Nice_Bathtub

    JavaScript Not sure where to start In regards to writing a program to be able to edit two PDF documents simultaneously

    I would like to have two documents open in the same window, the two documents would be the same document but in two different languages(already translated), and the goal is to make my work more efficient by adding two main functions. The first, is to have the ability to set bookmarks in doc 1...
  15. KISHOR 1988

    JavaScript function query

    const timeFuncRuntime = funcParameter => { let t1 =; funcParameter(); let t2 =; return t2 - t1; } const addOneToOne = () => 1 + 1; timeFuncRuntime(addOneToOne); Why is written line 3 " funcParameter(); " in block code of function???? Is line3 parameter...
  16. KISHOR 1988

    JavaScript function or parameter

    const timeFuncRuntime = funcParameter => { let t1 =; funcParameter(); let t2 =; return t2 - t1; } const addOneToOne = () => 1 + 1; timeFuncRuntime(addOneToOne); why is ritten line 3 " funcParameter(); " in block code of function?/ is line3 parameter ...
  17. C

    JavaScript Div activate on menu click

    Hi everyone, i'm stuck at a coding project and new to this forum and thought i'd give it a try. I have a left sidebar with menu options and submenu options. Depending on the submenu option chosen I want the main content area div to be hidden and the appropriate one to be shown. I am a complete...
  18. clickers331

    JavaScript Coding Problem Problem

    This is the problem I am trying to solve. export const translate = (RNA) => { let database = { Methionine : ["AUG"], Phenylalanine : ["UUU", "UUC"], Leucine : ["UUA", "UUG"], Serine : ["UCU", "UCC", "UCA", "UCG"], Tyrosine : ["UAU"...
  19. Aidan

    HTML A-frame add onclick function to a shader

    Hello, I have some code written in a-frame ( that can be found at And I'm trying to find a way to add an onclick event to the <a-entity id="lettersEntity" onclick='console.log("Hello")' geometry="primitive: plane; width: 2; height...
  20. T

    HTML Add or multiply two numbers

    Good day I am trying to get a total of two numbers. The first number I need to get form my page (the number changes every few seconds (crypto clicker) Second number will always be 35 This is the code I got after search, but do not know how to get it to work <form>...