1. J

    JavaScript Javascript: Password Generator - I need help.

    Hello, learning JavaScript for the first time and I am completely stuck at trying to figure out one of my first exercises. It is password generator. I have the HTML, CSS set up. but my javascript code just isnt working for me. Any help would be very appreciated. The critia: Once you have been...
  2. F

    JavaScript Why is my gltf-animations not playing? (Javascript & Three.js)

    //gltf-object const loader = new GLTFLoader(); loader.load('stegosaurs_SStenops.glb', (gltf) => { gltf.scene.position.set(0, 40, 130); gltf.scene.visible = true; scene.add(gltf.scene); // Animation; let mixer = new AnimationMixer(gltf.scene); mixer = new...
  3. G

    JavaScript Problem running JavaScript code on Apple devices

    The goal is to execute a function when a button with the class .more is clicked. However, after modifying the code to troubleshoot the issue, none of the event handlers are working on Apple. The following code runs without any problems on Android (Chrome & Firefox) and on Windows (Chrome & Edge)...
  4. T

    HTML & CSS jQuery Generated Variable Not Passing to CSS Keyframe Animation on Safari

    I have a CSS keyframe animation that uses a CSS variable as one of the animation properties. This variable is defined in jQuery. The entire animation seems to work fine in Chrome and Firefox. However, in Safari and on mobile browsers, only the portions of the animation not using the variable...
  5. L

    JavaScript Recursively Delete objects from an array of nested objects

    Anyone know how to recursively find and delete an object from an array structured like this with infinite nested objects with the same structure? [ { id: 1, nest: [ { id: 2, nest: [{id: 3, nest: [{..continues..}]}], }, { id: 4, nest...
  6. choudhmh

    JavaScript Need help with SQL / javascript

    Good day Writing this code there one of the database field is vote - within the javascript i have this parameter called increment votes. When any number is passed through the parameter the votes for that id within the table must be increased by the the parameter amount (or decrease). Got...
  7. F

    JavaScript Canva drawing Javascript on elementor

    Hello everyone, I wanted to implement an interactive drawing on my wordpress using the HTML element. The code works well outside of wordpress but once implemented, the mouse is movement seems off ( it is far away from the cursor). Any idea why that is ? Here is the page where i want to...
  8. S

    JavaScript Replacing Ace editor with summernote editor - 'Save' button

    Greetings, I'm working with an unsupported PHP/MySQL CMS that for some reason uses the Ace editor for adding/editing page content, and I'm trying to convert this over to use the summernote WYSIWYG editor. I've successfully replaced the editor, but unable to get the "Save" button to work because...
  9. Outl1er

    JavaScript Can't get mousePressed to work the way I want, p5js

    Trying to make buttons that when I click them they change the colors, but at current the buttons activate when I hover over them and clicking does nothing.
  10. sam-the-tutor

    JavaScript Javascript Error

    I need help on this task. I have tried it but failed. Thanks in advance
  11. Idle Commander - The Dev

    JavaScript Cannot read properties of null style

    I have this code all the ids in HTML exist. ``` const materials = [ { name: 'stone_box', amount: stoneAmt }, { name: 'redMushSeeds', amount: redMushSd }, { name: 'cop_box', amount: copperAmt...
  12. T

    JavaScript Creating a new array from recursive mapping

    I am attempting to do something very complex. I have a database that has a self relation (categories that contain a nested category). The ORM I’m using makes use of these categories as objects: category = [ { name: "Lights", description: "some description", parentid: "some id"...
  13. Benny_2306

    JavaScript Insert classes using JavaScript

    I basically know no JavaScript at all yet i need it for my current project i am working on to learn scss and html. I have a set of radio buttons an what i need is if a radiobutton is checked, that its label and the labels bofre it get a extra class inserted. (e.g. if radiobutton 4 was checked...
  14. T

    JavaScript Filter out element in a deeply nested array

    Context: I have a form where a user enters in data. I want to remove all object elements in the phone array that contain an empty string in the phoneNumber property. Here is example data: const data = [ { contactName: "Contact 1 Name", phone: [ {phoneName: "Some Name"...
  15. R

    JavaScript How to remove duplicate records from string array

    I have the following array: myArray.push(name); \\Records that are being pushed: Record 1. name = 10132, category = Computer Record 2. name =10132, category = Windows Server, Computer myArray.push(category); var myArray = [10132,Computer, 10132,Windows...
  16. EkBass

    Chat with OpenAIAPI in console

    Hi. For some reason im not able to add code etc. tags to post. Maybe maintenance goin onor something. Anyway, here's the link to a Chat with OenAIAPI in console. Link updated in next post.
  17. dorianu

    Need advice with getting a paid product from an api

    I'm working on a wordpress site that has a bunch of forms. I need to send the submitted form data to an api, in return I get a product. The products are charged by credits that I have on a account. Before I request the product from the api, I have to charge the user. The checkout page is done on...
  18. Studi

    JavaScript How can I include document?addEventListener in this function.

    I have a few dropdown selection lists and want them to exit if you click anywhere on the site/document(make the aria-expanded false) because at the moment it exits only if you click on itself or one of the items inside the dropdown. const selection =...
  19. P

    JavaScript How to write a function that increases the salary of the employee with the lowest salary?

    Good evening, it was necessary to write a function that increases the salary of the employee with the lowest salary. It should: receive data on all employees, find the employee with the lowest salary, send a request for a salary increase to this employee by 20%, if the request was successful -...
  20. P

    JavaScript A function that converts a two-dimensional array to CSV

    hello, please help. I need to write a function that converts a two-dimensional array to CSV format and returns a string. Valid values as array elements are numbers and strings. If a function is encountered, throw an error with the text “Unexpected value”. Example: arraysToCsv([[1, 2], ['a'...