1. C

    JavaScript Answered Edit Bootstrap calendar

    Hello Guys, i need some help. Yesterday i download Bootstrap Calendar for my application. Today i want to edit the calendar but it doesn´t Work. $('#element').calendar({ setDisplayWeekNumber: true, }); Link for Bootstrap Calendar Options Thank you for helping me :) Codex (Ger)
  2. C

    JavaScript Need help Click Button

    Hi, I have this code: which makes me have a button (Click Me) where every time I click it, the number changes upwards (from 1 to 99). Whenever it reaches 99, another button appears (Reset Me) that makes the count start again. - This makes it necessary to have two buttons. What I would like...
  3. CrimsonKing

    Node.JS Recreating My Arcade Bot In JavaScript And Would Like Some Assistance In It's Development.

    Hello I am currently recreating my arcade bot that was in C# into node.js, and i'd like some help with it. I recently posted on it's C# thread that i'd like help with its main features including the database. If you have any experience with databases and node.js, and would like to help me out...
  4. CrimsonKing

    Tutorial How to make A simple audio player in HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

    Today I am going to teach you how to make A simple Audio Player in HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS. To follow this tutorial be sure to download notepad++ being as it is mostly used in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Let's begin to start this we will need 3 important files to make 1. HTML (player.html)...
  5. Malcolm

    What is JavaScript?

    What is JavaScript? JavaScript is exactly what the name says; it’s a script that controls the behaviour of a website. It helps make your website more interactable and there is no need for any special IDE platforms, you can create it using a regular text editor. In this thread, you will be given...