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  1. RealImmortal2004

    How do I add a working window(print) function to just an html table that has data from a json file?

    I've tried googling how to do this but I can't find any useful results. The code below is what I want to print. I want it to be able to print whatever is in the table and I want to be able to print certain things based on filtering. How can I print the table without having to create a linked...
  2. birdman24

    JavaScript Populating HTML Combobox with Javascript and JSON Files

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" /> <meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache" /> <meta http-equiv="Expires" content="0" /> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width...
  3. J

    JavaScript How to select area value from geojson using javascript

    I'm trying to right a javascript function that selects a polygon based on area value. The criterea is to select largest value if the heighest area value of a feature collection plygons is <= 20. Else, if the smalest area value a feature collection plygons is > 20, to select the smallest value...

    Extension support on all websites

    I'm making a extension right now that will pause every video playing on tab focus. But I'm struggling with the permissions object in the manifest.json. I tried everything to make the extension work on every page on the internet: "<all_urls>" and "http:///" and "https:///" and "tabs" Why does...
  5. JustinB

    JavaScript Accessing JSON-data

    Hello people, I'm currently working on a project with node-red. I implemented a tabulator-table inside the dashboard-template-node and filling it with data from a mysql database. Everything worked fine, until I tested it with a bigger database. I realized that it isn't the best way to load the...
  6. MrO

    Python Pull data from an a2l file and save to json?

    I will admit i am not very good with python, but what i set out to do i thought was very easy. i learn by example, and i can figure almost anything out eventually and im sure i will after enough time, but man at the moment i am so lost lol. basically i need to pull the name of all the...
  7. S

    JavaScript Need some help with JSON file data retrieval.

    Could someone please help an inexperienced hobby programmer. I have run into a small problem of parsing data from a remote JSON file, which contains several children. I always need to parse the top (first) child, since it is always the newest. I need the latitude and logitude to place them on a...
  8. cegbuji14

    HTML Problem loading local Json file

    Hi, im currently using Python's Flask to create a dashboard and on one route I'd like to render an html template that turns a local json file into a table. When using getJSON for some reason the localhost/server cannot find the file no matter how I've defined the path so the table always only...
  9. Johna

    JavaScript Chrome extension to edit page HTML and CSS not working

    Ok, so the last question I posted I didn't put the code in the </> thing, so I'm re-asking it here. Hi everyone, I made this extension to view unlimited number of Quora pages without having to sign up by removing the sign up popup. I don't know what I did wrong, but it isn't working. My browser...
  10. Johna

    Chrome extension not working

    Hi everyone, I made this extension to view unlimited number of Quora pages without having to sign up by removing the sign up popup. I don't know what I did wrong, but it isn't working. My browser also doesn't give any errors. Here's the code: manifest.json { "manifest_version": 2, "name"...
  11. C

    JavaScript Using JSON for formatting?

    I was given a job assessment quiz and I think it has a JSON related question on it by mistake as my work is in C, C++, assembler, and python. But it looks interesting so I want to try to solve it. Here is what it asks and I have provided a facsimile of the tuples. Using a JSON library (be sure...
  12. variety code

    browser extensions

    Does anyone know about browser extensions?
  13. A

    Node.JS how change place in json?

    who knows how change places? in json "70" : "as3", "71" : "b3", to "as3" : "70", "b3" : "71",
  14. D

    JavaScript Is there anyway to make this work?

    Got a question for you. Is it possible to run a line of code, which will have the same outcome, if the host has disabled/modified it? So here's where I'm stuck: I attended Minecon back in 2015 (cringe ik) and I'm trying to force-apply this link that was issued out after the event finished (it...
  15. J

    Java PLEASE HELP / Java HTTP Server receiving JSON/POST Data

    Hello everyone. I am trying to send JSON Data from my JavaScript file to a Java Application. Since I m not that experienced when it comes to network-programming, i hoped for some help in here. I managed to get this code from the internet but i dont understand everything. package bkServer...
  16. Ghost

    PHP Phone Validation / Look Up

    I created a small class/script that handles validating phone numbers through an API. It's quite simple to use & it just outputs some data. It is not 100% accurate because sometimes it will get the carrier or location wrong, but it can definitely figure out if a phone number is in the correct...
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