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  1. Tanja

    Adding a mix-blend-mode style to a logo in the navigation (CSS)

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to add an exclusion-effect to the logo on this website: Projects - Maya Tenzer Right now the effect is applied to the whole navbar via using this CSS code: .semplice-navbar {mix-blend-mode: exclusion !important;} But I just cannot figure out how to apply it to the...
  2. sonnystupid

    Z-Index not working

    here's the navbar's original home not going away, the dark brown bar is what i need help removing image of my problem, you can see the white line is the drop-down content hiding, and the navbar itself is sticky, however the drop-down isn't showing. So i'm trying to get a navbar to stick out over...
  3. E

    HTML Navigation bar links not working on my website

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with the navigation bar on my website. The links to the other pages don't seem to be working when clicked. The strange thing is that the links work perfectly fine on the other pages of my website, but not on the homepage. I've tried Validating my HTML code with...
  4. C

    HTML & CSS Integrated the burger menu in the navbar (but not only...)

    hello everyone ! I finished my formation on the CSS and HTML few weeks ago. I followed a tutorial in order to creat a burger menu but im stucked on this step. i have 3 main problems… : I need to include my burger menu in the navbar but I don’t know how to do it. I tried to put it in my ul >...
  5. P

    JavaScript Highlight current page problem

    Hi all, I am having a problem that is confusing the hell out of me... I have a small script that highlights the active page. That works. Sort of... The problem is I have three links, out of eight that absolutely refuse to highlight. I have checked everything I can, have found and tried several...
  6. J

    HTML & CSS How to make a dropdown menu?? Please Help

    Hello! I am new to CSS and HTML-- I feel like this should be easy but i can't figure it out. This website was made by someone else and i am tasked with created a dropdown tab on one of the links. Here is the page for some background: https://earlyyearsinc.com/community.html I need...
  7. Liljeqvist

    HTML & CSS I need help with a dropdown navbar

    I am currently working as an intern for a company that owns a restaurant/hotel, and they have given me access to their website which they want me to improve. So far I have been able to get a pretty good understanding of the code that the former developer left behind (even though its quite a...
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