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  1. abpatil

    Node.JS node js exe not packaging all resources

    i have backend in node + sqlite . i have create exe of my backend using pkg. when i run exe in same directory it is running but in other directories it getting error like this pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:1872 throw error; ^ Error: Could not locate the bindings file. Tried: →...
  2. NoName123456

    Node.JS nmp: The term 'nmp' is not recognized as a name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or executable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a pat

    Hi, I have a little problem with npm. I started a new project and I'm stuck right at the beginning and I don't know what to do. I know it's pretty easy, but in this case I tried everything and nothing helped, so thanks in advance for the help. As always, I installed the node modules in the new...
  3. Johna

    Node.JS 'TypeError: superagent.agent is not a constructor' when sending POST request to functions on CloudFlare Pages

    Hi everyone. On a site I'm creating, there's a newsletter form. I'm using Brevo (previously SendinBlue) to add the email entered in the newsletter form to a contact list. The site is hosted on CloudFlare Pages, so I'm using the functions API to send a POST request to...
  4. C

    Node.JS cannot run npm i in vscode. Constant errors after reinstalling everything

    I have been on this and unable to solve it for over a day. I don't know what is causing the error(s) but everytime I try to do anything with npm I get error messages. 2 days ago, I noticed my browser was not autorefreshing when I made changes to the code. ChatGPT suggested to uninstall node and...
  5. K

    JavaScript Use Nodejs to generate HTML reports. Any solution suggestion?

    My app is built on electron and VUE. If I want to export some reports (consists of charts, tables) in HTML format (so people can access the report in there own browser), is there any convenient way to do it? Like, any Node module?
  6. A

    Node.JS Upload to hosting app node.js

    Hello, Let's see if they can help me. I get the following error when I access my app on my hosting. I think it's something about circular redundancy but I can't find it. I also attach project schematic.
  7. Malcolm

    Node.JS Sendgrid is not returning results with a provided timestamp.

    Hey folks, I've been building a server that fetches all bounces from Sendgrid. Currently, I'm trying to query for certain results, e.g. start_time & end_time values Sendgrid requires. But I noticed that it doesn't always return the requested data. Sometimes it's blank with just [ ] as a result...
  8. H

    would Firebase be good for making a forum/chatroom?

    i struggle with php, so i was thinking should i use firebase instead of mysql, or should i keep using mysql and use node.js instead of php
  9. N

    Node.JS Loop and handling errors Puppeteer

    Hi there! I am looking for a solution to automate my script to re-run in an infinite loop till the script is stopped, and also i am having difficulties to let the script continue after any error, it should just re-start the process. At current, if all goes well it will run for some time till i...
  10. S

    Chess coding

    I have created a game of double chess that has been developed into an online game play.synergy chess.net I have noticed that chess.com is written in Java, JavaScript and PHP. Synergy Chess is written in ReactJS, NodeJS, Xitrium, Scala and Java. This makes it very hard to find qualified...
  11. T

    Node.JS sqlite3 with node.js not working

    I'm attempting to use sqlite3 with node.js, I'm on macOS. and I've tried everything imaginable to try and fix the problem but as soon as i try to run, const sqlite3 = require('sqlite3').verbose; const db = new sqlite3.Database('my_database.db'); it comes up with the error: Uncaught TypeError...
  12. parvinder21

    Node.JS Error: Cannot find module 'puppeteer'

    const automation = require("puppeteer"); const fs = require("fs"); const automationConfiguration = { headless: false } async function runautomation() { const browser = await automation.launch(automationConfiguration) const page = await browser.newPage() const navigationPromise =...
  13. odnil

    Node.JS How can I restructure my loop to paginate faster right now it takes too long?

    This takes ages to retrieve data. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Per_page limit is 100 & I needed the function to be able to find results for any date range using pagination. So I added a do while loop and this is what I ended up with: async function foo(repoOwner, repository...
  14. GREFF1978

    JavaScript CORS/Express: Getting data from server from domain html

    Howdy! This has been many days of trying to research however, either I am misunderstanding something or the solution online is not directred toward my issue. I am running a node server on a sub-domain as such: xxx.yyy.com I have express, socket.io and cors all installed. My app.js file...
  15. D

    Node.JS How to correctly prescribe if there is a filter for the filter?

    There is a filter. The filter filters by the "full name" field. Everything works. Logic: - the user enters the criteria for the filter in <input id="fio"> - criteria fall into JS - data is received from the database - the HTML table is stored. How to set up a filter for...
  16. D

    Node.JS How to connect `Bootstrap` using `nmp`?

    How to connect `Bootstrap` using `nmp`? In a cdn project, Bootstrap is connected. Prosjects: - cdn - https://disk.yandex.by/d/fyuicfi8nli_pg - npm - https://disk.yandex.by/d/CGBJmRhX4vqm6A app.js const express = require("express") const path = require("path") const app = express()...
  17. D

    Node.JS I can't go to another ejs page.

    I can't go to another ejs page. Index.ejs <h1>Index page</h1> <a href="/about" >About-1. Описание</a> </br> <a href="http://localhost:3000/About/" >About-2. Описание</a> In routes.js added. .get('/about', (req, res) => { res.render('about'); }) routes.js Full code const...
  18. D

    Node.JS Main menu in the form of a tree

    Advise ready-made solutions: on the left the main menu in the form of a tree, on the right the article. Logic: - the user clicks on the menu; - an article corresponding to the menu node appears on the right. Preferably without updating the entire page, i.e. after clicking on the menu, only a...
  19. D

    Node.JS Error You have tried to call .the(), .catch() [closed]

    You have tried to call .the(), .catch() **Question.** 1. What is the reason for the problem? 2. How to fix the problem? I have a project, I want to launch it. The project is located in the folder `e:\Test\Pro01\`. **I've done it:** - I opened the Windows console; - I entered the...
  20. A

    Node.JS Validation doesn't work in custom promisify function

    Implement the promisify(callbackFunction) function so that it takes a callback-based function and returns a promise-based function. The promise-based function can be called with one or more arguments. If so, pass them to callbackFunction, and add an argument at the end for the callback. In...
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