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operating system

  1. Velpus Captiosus

    Fun activity Building a OS

    Hello.I am interesting in building a OS for a desktop or a mobile computer.However the task is way too big for 1 person so I am interested in collaborating with someone(s).
  2. Velpus Captiosus

    Creating multiprocessing in C(OS programming)

    I was just wondering how a OS starts a process and how it knows when to end it.A program is a executable file.A file is a linked list , the only thing you need to tell it is from where to start but it is just a pointer.And we need a counter to keep track of the running processes so I imagine a...
  3. B

    xv6 - A recreation of the sixth version of UNIX

    Hello there, I introduce to you all: Xv6, a recreation of the sixth version of the original UNIX operating-system, written purely in C(just like UNIX). The operating-system was created purely for educational purposes at MIT and is much simpler for analysis than a Linux or BSD kernel. The...
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