1. lorli

    Safe way to store password in open source app

    I was thinking about making my terminal password manager and I want to make every of my apps +- good. So what I want is to store password for example hashed in file, but someone can just look at the code on my pc and see what I did to hash it and just unhash (Probably nobody will ever do that...
  2. N

    All my login Data with passwords is on my fellow Students Macbook. Help.

    So basically all my login Data including Passwords from Google Chrome are now saved on my fellow Students Macbook. I have a Macbook as well. We obviously use the same University Wifi (with VPN) but I was never on his Notebook and he was not on mine. We worked on a Google Doc together for a Film...
  3. Ghost

    How many passwords do you use online?

    I wrote an article today that explains how pretty much any webmaster can steal your passwords online. It can be done with established software such as WordPress, XenForo, etc. Pretty much any site that takes your login information can store it without encrypting it to then access other online...